Stredná priemyselná škola v Snine








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      Name of institution: Secondary Technical School  /Stredna priemyselna skola/

      Address:                   Stredna priemyselna skola

                                        Partizanska 1059/23

                                        069 01 Snina



      Contact persons:

      Ing. Jan Harmanos, head teacher of the school

      PaedDr. Alena Romanova, deputy headmistress of the school

      Ing. Zdenek Snítil, deputy headmaster of the school


      Tel.:        057/7623813

      Fax:        057/7622618







Characteristic of the school


         Stredna priemyselna skola (Secondary Technical School) was established on 1st July 1960. It is the easternmost set secondary technical school in Slovakia. The reason for establishing this school was the fact that in this area began to spread production  of heavy machinery and a new plant called Vihorlat  was founded in the town. Snina, the town where our school is situated,  lies 216m above sea level, 22 km to the north-east of the  town called Humenne. It is the centre of  extensive, thickly wooded area in the north-east panhandle of our republic, and it is a district town of the Presov region. This year we commemorated the 660th anniversary of its first written record. Snina has about 24.000 inhabitants. The town is rich not only in history but also its present time is interesting.

Snina has some cultural and sport facilities where inhabitants may develop their hobbies and interests, as well as they can draw strength and relax in beautiful nature.

There are some primary schools, high schools, basic art school and a few kindergartens.

         Snina is surrounded by beautiful nature and lies in a valley formed by the Cirocha river, inside the East-Carpathian Protected Landscape Area. There is The Vihorlat mountains range of volcanic origin, Sninsky kamen ( Snina’s Stone) which is the most visited mountain of the Vihorlat. The glacial lake of Morske oko is state nature reserve. Near Snina there is also the recreation area called Rybniky and the water reservoir Starinska priehrada.

         Our school is set in a place surrounded by clean nature.

The school collective consists of 54 pedagogues,13 other employees and 513 students.

For many years there were only branches concerning mechanical engineering at the school, however, since 1990 new branches of studying have been created.

Nowadays the school offers education for full-time students in these branches:

-         mechanical engineering – with the focus on graphic systems and machine construction;

-         transport – with  the focus on operation and maintenance of road transport;

-         technical and information service – with the focus on machinery;

-         electrical engineering – with  the focus on automating technology;

-         operation and economy of transport – with the focus on customs declaration.

         There are also classes for part-time students who have opportunity to achieve full secondary education by taking leaving exams.

         In the year  2000 was founded  a subdivision of State language school in Presov at the school, where people of all ages can achieve education in two languages – English and German.

         In  our school there exist business activities focused on running  retraining courses, production and distribution of products of industrial production, reprographic works and providing boarding services.

         The school has its own driving school which was established in 1991 and has an excellent state thanks to high standard of providing services. Except training it also organizes improvement in safety on roads – super driver and super cyclist.

         Secondary Technical School in Snina has already educated 6.000 graduates who went straight to work or continued studying at universities in our country or abroad.

         Our school has also a lot of after-school activities where students are involved in artistic, technical and sports competition under teachers’ professional supervision. They are very successful every year.

         The school is also involved in projects like School promoting health, Integrative ambitions of Slovakia, With You and about You, Infovek, Primary prevention of drug addition, Conception of education to marriage and parenthood, and in 2001/2002 we were involved in the project called Sokrates.


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